Breanne Cook

About me

I want to tell you a story about how I became so passionate about self-esteem and resilience tools that I use within coaching. I went to work straight from college. I didn't really get very good grades at school or college, and university at that time was something that just wouldn't have even crossed my mind as an option for me. So I went straight out to work.

I found myself in a job that made me come face to face for the first time with very uncomfortable situations; discrimination, manipulation and taking advantage of people. I was so shocked and outraged by the behaviour that I was witnessing that I knew I wanted to do something more in my life to fight injustice and inequality and make a difference. I wanted to become a Social Worker.

My first hurdle was a self-esteem issue. I had a story in my head that I couldn't succeed at university, I wasn't academic; I was stupid. Who was I to even have this idea in the first place, a dream, a goal? I didn't have the right, I wasn't deserving. There was a lot of self-sabotage and beliefs that I needed to deal with, I didn't get rid of them all, but I applied to university anyway. Fast forward three years, and it turns out I could do it pretty well, and I achieved my goal of becoming a social worker.

Social work continued my lessons in self-esteem and resilience. Throughout my social work career I was in a privileged position to be involved with people's lives at their most vulnerable of times. A position which demanded respect and humanity. I worked with so many people in incredibly difficult situations, and I witnessed so much incredible strength and resilience in people that it was inspiring. I learned a lot from everyone I worked with and supported.

I've worked with d/Deaf people who have to cope and overcome huge challenges to live in a hearing world, managing communication, being in the workplace, trying to fit in amongst stereotype and stigma.

I've worked in children's palliative care, where families face the unthinkable; children living with life-threatening illnesses and the approach of death every day.

I've worked in stroke and brain injury rehabilitation where people had to work to overcome huge mental and physical changes and learn to adapt to permanent changes in their physical and mental ability.

I've worked with people experiencing different types of abuse at the hands of their loved ones.

I've worked with people diagnosed with moderate to severe mental health challenges finding their way through recovery.

Not only have I been privileged to see so many transformations of change during my social work career, I also experienced one of the most challenging periods of life, requiring me to be resilient. Whilst working at the children's hospice, a situation occurred where I realised I could no longer carry the weight of the work. Along with other influencing factors, life became scary. Panic attacks, dissociation and insomnia became my everyday life. These challenges were something I had to overcome. And I did. My career continued. I had to adapt and change some plans, but I did it.

The tools I use that have helped myself and others, is to increase self esteem and build capacity for resilience.

I believe self-esteem and resilience are two of the most important foundations for emotional well-being and determining whether you reach your definition of success and quality of life. Not only do I believe in their great power to affect your life - for better or worse, depending on how much you have of them - I believe that they are very closely linked.

Self-esteem encompasses everything we think about ourselves, everything we think, feel and believe, and how much we approve of and value ourselves. Low self-esteem is a negative evaluation of yourself, not seeing yourself in a good light or feeling that you're good enough or worthy to take your place in this world.

Resilience is dealing with, finding strength in and/or recovering from difficult situations and the ability to cope with stressful events and their consequences.

Coaching isn't mentoring or advice-giving, or a substitute for therapy, however, I have shared my background here as a way of demonstrating the professional and lived experience that enables me to ask the right questions to help guide and support you to achieve change. I know what it requires to make a transformation. I have lots of experience setting goals and achieving them, and I have experience with lots of different people experiencing lots of different challenges. I can hold a space for you and help you find your solutions.

What enables me to do this work?

  • My social work degree and years of work experience.
  • My experience in mental health education.
  • My wellness and resilience diploma.
  • My hundreds of hours of self study.
  • My Masterclass attendance with world class teachers in the field.
  • My Lived experience.

As well as my Social Work degree and level 5 Diploma in Wellness and resilience coaching, I have extensive experience and study in mental health and positive psychology.

I have completed the Positive Psychology Masterclass in resilience, the 8 week masterclass on resilience with expert Chris Johnstone, and an 8 week masterclass on using character strengths for well being with head of the VIA institute, Ryan Niemec.

If you'd like to know more, contact me today.