My first significant loss led to my values being shaped and developed.

I was raised in a strict religious household. When I was a teenager, I lost my faith. I no longer believed in the God, the principles the religion was founded upon, the way the church treated others, it's morals, values and ethics. The way it marginalised groups of people, During my time of doubt, I was not treated well by my peers or church leaders. When I finally stopped going to church, I lost everything. I lost my community, my support network, my friends, my social life, my future plans and life and a deep connection with my parents. I had to rebuild my life from a young age and find all those things again, on my own, and with my own values and principles. Being rejected and abandoned by the community that was supposed to hold me, because my principles and beliefs were no longer the same as theirs, set my new life and values going forward.

The values I live by and work by and what you can expect when you work with me are below.


I treat all people the same, not letting feelings bias my interactions. I give everyone a fair chance, embrace different beliefs, see different perspectives, and understand other people's viewpoints. I believe that every person is equally valuable and deserves to be heard, seen, and witnessed.


I speak the truth and am myself in a genuine and authentic way, acting sincerely and without pretence. I take responsibility for my feelings and actions and choose the right thing over the easy thing. I am honest in all dealings and communication with people, as I believe that transparency and honesty are respectful.


I want to continually develop to be the favourite version of myself so that I can provide the best service to clients. I will continually keep my knowledge and practice up to date. I recognise that entering into work of coaching and introspection takes courage and I respect the process and the person for undertaking the work and will support my clients in their personal growth.


I am committed to listening to and understanding the perspective of others. I offer kindness, empathy and understanding without judgement or assumption. I am committed to meeting and accepting clients exactly where they are, creating a safe environment. I am committed to listening and being fully present.

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