For those navigating the delicate threshold between grieving and embracing life, I offer myself as your guide, companion, and coach.

I stand ready to witness your grief, provide techniques to hold and honour it, create safe spaces for its expression, and journey alongside you as you move forward, engaging in life once more.

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Hi, I'm Breanne

I'm a Grief and Resilience Coach, Facilitator and Course Creator.

With a background in social work, bereavement and mental health education, I know how to hold space for grief and loss, and facilitate resilient healing. If you are grieving and struggling to engage with life as you once have, let's get to know each other better.

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Exploratory Call

Finding a coach that is right for you and that you feel comfortable with is essential. I offer a free call for you to find out more and find out if we could be a good fit.

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Resource & Regenerate - Resilience

My Resource & Regenerate plan helps you increase your self-esteem and capacity for resilience and supports you to become your favourite version of yourself.

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Resource & Regenerate - Grief

My Resource & Regenerate plan for grief helps you to share your story, process thoughts and emmotions and support healing and reintegration with life.

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If you are in a position where you are not able to afford coaching or a mindful photography course but you feel it would be beneficial, please do get in touch as we can always work something out.

Certified Grief Educator by David Kessler Association for Coaching