Resource and Regenerate - Grief

If so, coaching can help you to work through what you are experiencing and make some changes.

I have set out an 8-session semi-structured coaching programme for grief. I recommend eight sessions based on important topics that usually come up and can be helpful to explore through grief. If none of the topics resonate or if you want more time on other topics, the session can be flexible, or more sessions can be added.

The 8 recommended sessions are:

1. You and your story.

I want to hear all about you. I want you to tell me everything you feel is essential for me to know during our work together. I want to hear about who or what you are grieving. It's your time to share and to be listened to and witnessed.

2. Emotional regulation

It can be hard to manage our emotions and feelings while we are grieving. This session will look at themes such as acceptance, making room for feelings, awareness and acknowledgement of feelings, how to sit with them and work through them, and grounding and anchoring.

3. Cognitive Agility

While grieving, Our thoughts and beliefs can be harsh and judgemental. This session will look at what your thoughts are, how helpful they are, your core beliefs, mindset, thinking patterns, rules and shoulds. Being able to work with our thoughts can help us to get unstuck.

4. Actions

This session will examine your behaviours, actions, coping mechanisms, self-care, choice, and control. Are your behaviours currently self-defeating or self-sabotaging? Are they helpful?

5. Resourcing

This session will look at all the ways you can support yourself. What is around you that can help you? What is your network and community like? Are you engaging in hobbies? Are you connecting with others? We will also look at self-compassion here because self-compassion is very important for healing.

6. Honouring and ritual

We will spend some time exploring how you can honour the person or thing you are grieving and whether any rituals would be beneficial.

7. Meaning and Purpose

It's really hard sometimes to make sense of life after a loss. This session will examine how you can find and pursue meaning and purpose. It can include strengths, values, motivation, spirituality and identity.

8. Moving forwards and engaging in life.

This session will look at goals, hope, optimism and self-efficacy.

Sessions can include mindful meditations and visualisation.

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